My name is Tay­lor.  It has become a quite pop­u­lar name.  The pop­u­lar­ity of my name inspires me to be unique in per­son­al­ity. My par­ents gave me the name Tay­lor because at the time it was different—unique. Now there are so many Tay­lors.  I think Tay­lor suits me because it some how has unique­ness and yet a very com­mon feel about it. Tay­lor suits me also  because I can’t see myself as any­thing but a Tay­lor. Of course that is true about most peo­ple and their names. I tell my friends  that since I have a com­mon name  I must be unique  in what I do and how I am.

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  • Tay­lor is one of the youngest essay­ists in the book. As an ado­les­cent she strug­gles with fit­ting in and being dif­fer­ent, a dilemma women with com­mon names describe in great detail. In the book we see name cycles at work because there is one Tay­lor whose name was totally unique when she was grow­ing up. Here, we have another Tay­lor who now feels that her name is so com­mon, she has dif­fi­culty feel­ing unique. The name Tay­lor has changed from being a name rarely found to being a rather com­mon name. When Tay­lor says she likes her name because it has both a unique and a com­mon qual­ity to it, this is an indi­ca­tion that she is begin­ning to grow into her name and to be com­fort­able with her iden­tity. Her essay is a lovely descrip­tion of an ado­les­cent on the verge of becom­ing an adult.

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