My Chief named me ‘Autumn Wolf Moon’ which I wear proudly!  Autumn is my sea­son, Wolf is for my peo­ple, and Moon is for the mother. I have now reached Grand­mother sta­tus and I am very proud of this.  I have been teach­ing young ones what I have learned—this is what it is all about. site sub­do­mains . I also help peo­ple trace their roots by giv­ing them infor­ma­tion on where to look and what to do next. So I also have the name of ‘Grandmother.’

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  • Shi­akoda is a Native Amer­i­can. She has three dimen­sions to her name. Autumn links her to Nature, Wolf to her fam­ily and soci­ety, and Moon describes the mater­nal aspect of her per­son­al­ity. She is a mother and grand­mother, who teaches and helps oth­ers find their roots. In the West­ern nam­ing tra­di­tion, the names we receive at birth do not evolve as in the Native Amer­i­can nam­ing tra­di­tion. Our last names link us to our fam­ily, and we may or may not know the mean­ing of our first name. We can enrich our sense of iden­tity through our names, how­ever, with a lit­tle search­ing. We can embark on a name quest that will lead us to under­stand our­selves, one another, and our world in new ways. Women, Their Names, and the Sto­ries They Tell will help guide you on this adventure.

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