Piper Annabelle Snow is my daugh­ter, born 9/16/09. She was named after the genus of plants, Piper. Piper methys­ticum, Kava kava and Piper nigrum, black pep­per are two well known plants of this genus. My hus­band and I are plant lovers and lovers of all things green. There­fore we wanted our daugh­ter to be named for some of our beloved plants. Her name is spunky, spicy and unique, just like her. We would brain­storm names for our daugh­ter on long walks while I was preg­nant, names like Bry­onia, Aralia, Lin­den, and Angel­ica were thrown into the mix. And when we thought of Piper it was a done deal.

Rebecca Snow

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  • Piper’s name fits into a new trend in nam­ing chil­dren which is mov­ing back to Nature. This trend started in Britain and has just started in the U.S. When women can once again have names like Lilly, Rose, and Vio­let, we will know that the fem­i­nine and Nature have once again gained a place of respect and a recog­ni­tion of their impor­tance in soci­ety. Rebecca and her hus­band have cho­sen a lively name in “Piper” with its asso­ci­a­tions to the nat­ural world and spice—“spunky, spicy, and unique.” It will be inter­est­ing to see if this trend con­tin­ues as peo­ple become more and more aware of the fragility of our envi­ron­ment and our need to be good cus­to­di­ans of the earth.

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