I was close friends with Lucy Young in high school. She got hepati­tis and died as a result at age 17. Mega and I used to have flow­ers put on the alter on Lucy’s birth­day. I went into labor on her birth­day; and on the way to the hos­pi­tal, I decided to change my soon-to-be born baby’s name to Lucy if I had a girl. (I didn’t know that I was hav­ing a girl, and cer­tainly not a red­head! Lucy had auburn hair.) It all made sense because my great-grandmother was Lucy Roy Craig. So, I could honor my fam­ily and Lucy Young with the name Lucy Ruth Mor­gan. (Ruth is for a beloved step-grandmother on my husband’s side). Lucy’s par­ents stayed in touch with me through­out their lives, espe­cially her mom, Peggy. It really touched them how all this worked out. God works in mys­te­ri­ous ways.…. Clicker

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