I have always hated my name.  I see it as being plain, ordi­nary and bor­ing.  I did not have the great­est rela­tion­ship with my mother, so I have never been happy with the idea of hav­ing her name.  At this point I feel rather neu­tral about my name.  It has never encour­aged me to be like some other Ann.  It’s just who I am.  I have never had a nick­name, nor been called any­thing but Ann.

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  • The essay­ists with one-syllable names who com­mented about the brevity—the unsubstantial—nature of their names were teased about their names. Teas­ing can cause life long scars. These also did not men­tion any sto­ries about their names. Women who do not have sto­ries to go with their names do not iden­tify with their names. Were you
    teased ? Do you have sto­ries to go with your name? In Women, Their Names, and the Sto­ries They Tell, women will tell you how to over­come the scars left from teas­ing. They will also reveal the impor­tance of sto­ries for your name—family sto­ries and asso­ci­a­tions you choose on your own in order to enrich your sense of iden­tity and your under­stand­ing of the world you live in.

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