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Piper Annabelle Snow is my daugh­ter, born 9/16/09. She was named after the genus of plants, Piper. Piper methys­ticum, Kava kava and Piper nigrum, black pep­per are two well known plants of this genus. My hus­band and I are plant lovers and lovers of all things green. There­fore we wanted our daugh­ter to be named […]


My mother, Rita, told me she chose my name when she was 12-years-old and a small, poor girl being raised by a sin­gle father in a work­ing class neigh­bor­hood in an indus­trial town in north­ern Eng­land. She got a schol­ar­ship to attend a fancy pri­vate British school thanks to her good grades and the charity […]


It is becom­ing less and less com­mon that peo­ple ask me if I was named after the movie star Eva Marie Saint. Peo­ple used to ask me that fre­quently, but not so much any­more. I wasn’t named after her any­way; my name is a com­bi­na­tion of Eva, which was my great-aunt’s name, and Marie, which […]


Grow­ing up I always thought my name was Jew­ish. When I had my bat mitz­vah we couldn’t find it in Hebrew, so we made up a fem­i­nine ver­sion of Jesse. gabon One day I found the ori­gin of my name: Shake­speare made it up! He needed a girl’s name for The Mer­chant of Venice. That […]


I was named Priscilla after my mother’s mother. All her sis­ters named their first born daugh­ter after their mother. I received a card from a cousin: Dear num­ber 6, happy birth­day from num­ber one. Years later I changed my name to Bry­die so I would have a name of my own.