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I will never for­get the day my three-year-old heard my given name and real­ized for the first time that I was some­body else besides Mommy. She looked at me and frowned, “You’re not Elis­a­beth. You’re Mommy.” When I explained that Elis­a­beth was my given name just like Adele was her given name, the frown did […]

Lynne Marie

My par­ents were divorced when I was in fifth grade.  Prior to that, I don’t remem­ber them ever show­ing any signs of phys­i­cal affec­tion or emo­tional sup­port for one another.  The his­tory of my name is inex­tri­ca­bly tied to the hos­til­ity between my mother and father. The story goes that my par­ents, who could never […]


I have always hated my name.  I see it as being plain, ordi­nary and bor­ing.  I did not have the great­est rela­tion­ship with my mother, so I have never been happy with the idea of hav­ing her name.  At this point I feel rather neu­tral about my name.  It has never encour­aged me to be […]

Bonita W.

Maybe the entire prob­lem is that I don’t have a name that I can depend­ably remem­ber when I’m stressed. My bio­log­i­cal par­ents found unity on very few sub­jects but one was their fond­ness for that nurs­ery tale of love and loss—Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and can’t tell where to find them. ip adr […]


None of us had much of a nick­name though my sib­lings tend to call me Jude. I would never dream of intro­duc­ing myself as Jude, but when I talk to myself (!), I find that I call myself Jude!


I was given the name Eliz­a­beth.  Every­one knows me as Beth. My Ital­ian father and Irish-English mother named me after Saint Eliz­a­beth. I was Bethy when I was young, but I have grown out of it. My older brother is the only one who can still call me Bethy and get away with it. There are […]


Ever since I can remem­ber, I’ve been called “Cathy” … except, at times, when my par­ents were try­ing to get my atten­tion and, I sup­pose, I wasn’t responding…then I would hear, “Catharine!”  I do like Catharine, but never insisted peo­ple call me that name.  Over the years, friends have given me other nick­names, so Catharine […]


My Chief named me ‘Autumn Wolf Moon’ which I wear proudly!  Autumn is my sea­son, Wolf is for my peo­ple, and Moon is for the mother. I have now reached Grand­mother sta­tus and I am very proud of this.  I have been teach­ing young ones what I have learned—this is what it is all about. […]


Nei­ther my sis­ters nor I ever found any­thing with our name on it, and nei­ther can my chil­dren. You would have thought since I was so trau­ma­tized by that fact I would have named my chil­dren Bob and Ann…but, No!!! I picked Tilson and Alana, and they have always said, “Why did you give us unusual names, […]


I can still see and hear my dad as he explained to me that I was named “Elis­a­beth” for his mother. Even into his very old age, he could not speak about her in other than a whis­per. The pain of her loss had not less­ened with time, per­haps because she died pre­ma­turely. I remember […]